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Mangalore Institute of Oncology

About MIO

Mangalore Institute of Oncology is situated at Pumpwell, and is a comprehensive cancer center with the latest technology, a good environment and run by the best professionals in the field. Our oncology team consists of highly experienced multidisciplinary oncologists, nurses, physiotherapists, counsellors and other paramedical personnel.

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Yuvraj’s Message


MIO has been a leading cancer hospital in the area


9th National colloquium at IAD

Dr. D. Suresh Rao Director MIO attended the 9th National colloquium on evidence based integrative Medicine for lymphatic Filariasis and other chronic dermatoses held at IAD-Institute of Applied Dermatology Kasaragod, Kerala. He was the moderator for the session on...

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Care of elderly cancer patients

Global reports indicate that more than 60% of patients with cancer are aged 65 and above and that nearly 15% are above the age of 80. From a terminological perspective ageing is a complex, heterogeneous and highly individualized process. Patients of the same...

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Hospital Event

Global reports have clearly shown that hospitals and healthcare facilities that are not well maintained and cleaned as per the suggested guidelines are a high risk place for transmission of infection. There are elements in the environment of a healthcare facility that...

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What People Say

I am Hussain Sheik and live in Ankola. I was diagnosed with advanced stage of Larynx cancer at 52 years. I was worried because I had to support a family of 4 children and had lost hope of life. Dr Suresh Rao of MIO gave me hope and treated my cancer with radiation in May 2011. Today I am free of disease and living a happy life with my family.

– Hussain Sheik

My name is Seetha Gowda and was diagnosed with cancer of the lip in January 2011. I was 70 years old when I was diagnosed with the cancer in Kumta. Some local doctors told they will have to cut my lips to save me but then when I met Dr Suresh Rao he said there will not be a need and gave radiation and brachytherapy. My whole treatment, stay and food were free and the people at MIO helped me a lot. Today even after five years I am healthy and disease free.

– Seetha Gowda

I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 4 months into my pregnancy.When my family members were inclined towards other forms of treatment, Dr Jallaludin Akbar of MIO gave me the confidence to go ahead with the surgery treatment. I was given concession on the cost of treatment after which I delivered a healthy girl child who is now 6 years old.

– Jayalatha