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Prevention is better than cure and we at MIO strongly believe in this and attempt at actualizing it through teaching adolescents and the general public. The Cancer Education unit of MIO is dedicated to educate people on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and good habits in life. The unit regularly conducts cancer education programs in schools and community forums to enlighten the students on the ill effects of tobacco and benefits of a healthy life style. The unit has successfully conducted two anti tobacco rallies on the world anti tobacco day and both these events were the first of its kind in the city of Mangalo

Community Oncology

Cancer control is much more than providing specialist treatment in hospitals. We at MIO strongly consider that a lot can be done within the local community to help control cancer through cancer detection camps and knowledge empowerment. The oral pathologist and community oncologist collaborate in the detection of preneoplastic and neoplastic lesions in the oral cavity and pharynx. Specials camps are regularly conducted to empower women on self breast examination and recognize the early symptoms of other gynecological cancers, the cancer of cervix. Additionally, the unique facilities available at MIO like the tele laryngoscope, colposcope and stereotactic mammogram are extremely helpful in the detection of head and neck, cervical and breast cancers, respectively.

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